MVAA Mission

The Middletown Valley Athletic Association (MVAA) sponsors a variety of sports programs for the youth of our community. The purpose of the sports is to provide an opportunity for our children to learn the fundamentals of their respective sports and, under competent leadership, to enjoy participation and competition in organized leagues so that they may become better persons. Objectives include the development of positive social values and character traits; good citizenship; physical and mental health; and a knowledge, appreciation and interest in sports. It is the goal of the MVAA to instill the will to win and the courage to accept defeat, with emphasis on clean play, safety, and sportsmanlike conduct.


The following are just some of the volunteer opportunities available each season within the MVAA. Please contact a board member or coach to get more details and to volunteer. We need all assistance possible. Please be committed once you volunteer and show your children and community that you care.

  • Team Mom and/or Dad
  • Trash removal
  • Stats recorder
  • Equipment manager
  • Photographer (digital camera required)
  • Concessions and ticket sales
  • Field maintenance for all sports
  • Field painting and prep for game days
  • Announcers, scorekeeper, clock operator, cleanup
  • Chain crew on game days
  • Committees for fundraisers & special events

Please contact your coach, sports director or the MVAA Office at contact@mvaasports.com or 301-371-3423 for more information.

Thank you to our sponsors!