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Middletown Valley Athletic Association (MVAA) Winter 2021 Basketball Evaluation Information for 3rd-8th grade boys and girls


**Players that do not participate in evaluations or don’t make a tryout team will still play on a team playing in the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association (MYBA).  All players registered before 10/15 will be guaranteed a roster spot.**






Notes for Boys:

  • 5th Grade boys and above are eligible for tryouts
  • 3rd /4th Grade boys will not have any sort of tryouts this year; Age group coaches will create teams based on parent/coach requests and coach discussion
  • For 7th and 8th Grade boys, both sessions are required for boys trying out for Mid Maryland or an MYBA Level A team (please email if you have a conflict you cannot avoid)

Boys Session 1 of 2: TBD @ Middletown Middle School

TBD-(8th Graders): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland Varsity and MYBA 7/8 Level A team

TBD-(7th Graders): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland JV and MYBA 7/8 Level A team

TBD-(5th & 6th Graders): Evaluations for MYBA 5/6 Level A team, *some players may be asked to return for the Mid-Maryland JV evaluations on Sunday*

Boys Session 2 of 2: TBD @ Middletown Middle School

TBD-(8th Graders): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland Varsity and MYBA 7/8 Level A team

TBD-(7th Graders, *5/6 invites): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland JV and MYBA 7/8 Level A team

*5th & 6th Graders will not have another evaluation unless invited to JV*



Notes for Girls:

  • 3rd and 4th grade girls will be evaluated during the first few joint practices (if necessary)
  • 5th & 6th grade girls are welcome to attend evaluations, and are candidates for Mid-Maryland and must be at both evaluations to be considered.
  • All 7th and 8th grade girls interested in playing Mid Maryland need to come to sessions 1 & 2. Please email if you have a conflict with either session.


Girls Session 1 of 2: TBD @ Middletown Middle School

TBD-(8th Graders): Evaluation for Mid-Maryland Varsity

TBD-(5th,6th, & 7th Graders): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland JV and MYBA 5/6 Level A team


Girls Session 2 of 2: TBD @ Middletown Middle School

TBD-(8th Graders, Invited 7th Graders): Evaluation for Mid-Maryland Varsity

TBD- (5th,6th, & 7th Graders): Evaluations for Mid-Maryland JV and MYBA 5/6 Level A team








Who should show up for evaluations/tryouts?


FOR GIRLS, we are encouraging all 5th,6th,7th, & 8th graders to attend evaluations, but it is only mandatory for players interested in Mid Maryland. Girls’ 3rd and 4th grade will be evaluated and placed on a team after the first few joint practices, if needed. Team composition and league placement will be determined by the age group coaches.


FOR BOYS, we're asking parents to ensure two requirements are met before coming to tryouts/evaluations:


1.) A player has an interest to play at a more competitive level

2.) A player has the skill set to play with advanced kids.


If your player has the interest, but you don't know if the player has the skill set, we recommend that you DO send them to tryouts. A description of the teams is below.

But again, the tryouts are for players that want to play at an advanced level. If a player is not interested in playing MYBA Boys Level A or Mid-Maryland Boys, please do not have them come.



What is a MYBA Level A Team?


Skill-wise, these players are around the top 15-20% of MVAA players playing in the MYBA league. We will have Level A Teams for 5th/6th, and 7th/8th Boys age groups and one MYBA Level A Team for Girls 5th/6th (pending coaches’ assessment). We may choose not to enter Level A teams if the coaches do not feel they will be competitive. MYBA matches like level teams to increase competitiveness in games.


What is Mid-Maryland?


Mid-Maryland is an entirely different league made up of two levels: JV & Varsity.


The JV team is made up of predominately 7th graders. The Varsity team is made up of predominately 8th graders. These players are considered the best of their class and are considered to be one-step above the MYBA Level A Teams.


Mid-Maryland is a bigger commitment with more games and a more intense practice schedule. ***Mid Maryland practices and games are expected to be your child’s #1 extra-curricular priority.



Who conducts player evaluations?

All of our evaluations are being conducted by current coaches at the Mid-Maryland levels and the Middletown High School basketball staffs. We feel that this will ensure fairness during the evaluations process.

How can I volunteer to coach?

MVAA is a volunteer organization, all of our coaches and directors are volunteers working with our young athletes. In order for the basketball season to run smoothly and for our players to have the best possible experience we need volunteer coaches. The less coaches we have; the larger the teams, the less playing time for MYBA level players, which can lead to declining numbers of kids playing sports.

 If you are interested please contact:

Chip Phillips, MVAA Basketball Director, chip@mvaasports.com



MVAA Basketball

MVAA Basketball Mission Statement – To elevate the game of basketball for the youth of Middletown and surrounding communities by teaching fundamental skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship though positive coaching in a fun and competitive environment.

MVAA Basketball Vision Statement– Our vision is to provide a safe, comprehensive, exciting, and educational basketball program for youth and parents in the Middletown Valley community that fosters commitment, a love of the game of basketball, and encourages players to be the best they can be.


Supporting Strategies:

1.      Provide instructional and competitive basketball playing opportunities for boys and girls ages 5 to 18.  Maintain membership in good standing with the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association (MYBA) and the Mid-Maryland Boys and Girls basketball leagues.

2.      Set expectations by distributing codes of conduct for coaches, players and parents.

3.      Partner with the citizens and schools of the Middletown Valley and surrounding areas by soliciting volunteers and listening to feedback.

4.      Communicate directly and openly with players, parents and volunteers about all aspects of the MVAA basketball program.

5.      Provide coaching clinic opportunities for all volunteers and distribute recommended, age-appropriate basketball curriculum.

6.      Conduct background checks on all coaches and encourage all volunteers to complete a basic first aid course.

Open Basketball Registrations (Winter Registration opens in mid September)

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