Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual Family Membership fee used for?   

The membership fees specifically contribute to the accomplishments of the MVAA by providing funds to manage the day-to-day business operations (MVAA’s mission) and support future planning and development (MVAA’s vision) of the association.  Membership dues are allocated accordingly across the association in the following manner:

  • 47% of your Membership Fee is for insurance for the association
  • 34% goes to support a part-time Administrative Assistant
  • 10% goes to capital improvement
  • 9% goes to support MVAA’s internet, web site, membership mailing and supply account.

Can I find out the practice schedule before registering my child for a sport?   

Many of our sports’ directors cannot tell you practice schedules ahead of time.  Typically (for sports such as soccer and baseball), the practice schedule depends upon how many children sign up, how many teams we have within each age group, the availability of the coaches and availability of field space.  Once teams are set and coaches are identified, sports directors schedule the practices based upon team schedules and field availability.

When does registration open up?

Spring: January 1-February 15

Fall: May 1-June 15

Winter: September 1-October 15

After these dates, a late fee is assessed.

Why is registration months before the season?

Registration is held months in advance as the schedules and field rental encompass all of Frederick County teams.  Rosters, birth certificates, field rental agreements, insurance, etc. must be turned into leagues.  Then submitted to Parks and Rec and other governing bodies to ensure all criteria is met.  It is after that, we, as the MVAA, are granted league schedules.  This type of planning and organizing takes a lot time and effort.

How are refunds structured and when can I request one?

You can read our refund policy by clicking HERE.  Please review our policy closely before registering your child.  We do allow refunds until the posted refund deadline date for each sports sign-up season.  After that, refunds are not granted for scheduling conflicts or for a change of mind.

Why is there late fees and refund fees?

These fees are tacked on to cover the maintenance of issuing a refund.  This is done manually.  To reiterate our refund policy, a full refund is given during open registration.  Once registration is closed, only a partial refund MAY BE given.  This is in order to cover the cost of uniforms that have been ordered, insurance that was pre-paid, league fees for your child to participate, etc.  A late fee is assessed because we are charged by leagues to add athletes to rosters, insurance, etc.

Can I make a certain request for the season?

Below are a list of common request we hear; each director will do their best to make accommodations but can not be guaranteed.  These questions should be asked to the individual director as each sport has different requirements and league rules.

- Can my child play for a certain coach?

- Can my child play with a specific friend?

- Can my child have specific practice nights and times?

- Can my child move up or down a level?

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