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Player Health

Dehydrated athletes do not perform well.  Fluid loss through sweating directly impacts strength, endurance, power, and cognitive abilities. Excess fluid loss may cause an athlete to feel fatigued, weak, irritable, nauseous, dizzy, and even disoriented.

Recommendations to Prevent Dehydration:

  • 2 to 3 hours before a competition - drink 2 cups of fluid
  • 1 hour before a competition - drink 1 cup of fluid
  • 15 minutes before a competition - drink 1/2 cup of fluid.
  • Before a competition, weigh the athlete.
  • Every 10 to 20 minutes during a competition - drink 1/2 cup of fluid.
  • After a competition - drink 2 cups of fluid for every pound of weight lost.

Source: American Red Cross Sports Safety Training Handbook

Thunderstorm & Lightning Safety

There are no consistently available buildings for shelter in the area where we conduct practices and games.

Your vehicle is the only next best alternative for shelter in the event of a thunderstorm or lightning. For this reason we ask parents to remain present
throughout practices and games.

For the Coaches & SportsOfficials Guide to Lightening Safety, click HERE

Source: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

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