Frequently Asked Questions

Is MVAA basketball completely volunteer run?

Yes, we are an all-volunteer program and are always looking for help.  If you want to be involved, please contact the Basketball Program Director at danh@mvaasports.com.  Even if you do not have basketball knowledge and/or do not want to coach, there are many other ways to help!

What age groups and leagues does MVAA participate in?  When is the season?

MVAA basketball is primarily a Winter sport with registration beginning in September and league games running from December through early March.  We do also offer a casual summer in-house program that runs in June and July.  MVAA provides playing opportunities for both boys and girls of Middletown and the surrounding communities from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  See our Divisions page for our Winter basketball programs.

How does MVAA create each team?

For the Mid Maryland boys and girls teams, MVAA conducts tryouts and selects teams based on the results of those tryouts.  Evaluations are conducted by coaches and/or independent evaluators, but the final rosters for each team is up to the coach(es) of that specific team.

MYBA teams take a number of factors into account in determining rosters.  Teams are created based on (but not limited to) the following factors – parent requests, player request, coach requests, schedules and carpools.  Typically, the coaches within an age/gender group negotiate completion of rosters after parent and player requests are satisfied.  We *may* conduct evaluations to create "A" level teams to compete in MYBA Level A, but that determination is made by age group coaches and the Basketball Program Director during registration.

Where do MVAA basketball teams practice and play?

MVAA basketball teams can practice at any one of the following locations: Middletown Elementary, Middletown Primary, Middletown Middle, Middletown High, Myersville Elementary, Wolfsville Elementary, Sky Croft Convention Center, Mt Nebo Church (Boonsboro), Grace Community Church (Braddock Heights).  Gym space is a premium, so we are always looking for other options. **If you join MVAA basketball, you may practice at any number of facilities and they may not be in Middletown**

Games for in-house are usually played in Middletown but may be played in Myersville or Wolfsville based on availability.  Travel teams play other organizations throughout Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery Counties but the games are usually no more than an hour away (frequently less, 15-20 minutes).

What is the cost to play MVAA basketball?

Our in-house league fee is $60 or $75 which includes a t-shirt.  The $60 fee applies to K/1 program and $75 for the 2/3 program.  The fee for the MYBA teams is $125.  The fee for the Mid Maryland program is $175.  MYBA and Mid Maryland use uniforms that must be returned at season's end.

Does MVAA basketball give end of season trophies or medals?

Participation trophies are given for all of our K/1 and 2nd/3rd grade in house players.  All others receive trophies only if they win or come in second for their end of season tournament.

My child is very skilled/advanced, can I move him/her up?

MVAA basketball takes each request to move up very seriously and considers the impact to the player very carefully.  The vast majority of children have more fun playing with their peers whom they are compatible with both physically and emotionally.  There are a number of potential negatives and not many positives related to moving a player up.  However, on rare occasions, requests to move up 1 year/grade will be granted.  Requests to move up 2 years/grades will not be granted.  Each request will be considered on it's own merit and the following considerations at a minimum will be used to make a decision:

  1. Child and parent request
  2. Basketball Program Director approval
  3. Approval from at least one coach of the "losing" age group or team
  4. Approval from the coach of the "gaining" age group or team
  5. Other input from basketball coaches or coaches from other sports

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