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Coaching Staff

Kelly Delauter

Kelly Delauter has been involved with the MVAA program for over 25 years and was a cheerleader for Middletown High School. Her coaching career started as a pony coach in the early 90’s and she has coached at every level, including recreational cheer and competition. She left the MVAA when her daughter left for college and after a 5 year break she returned as the Director for the second time.  She oversees all happenings in the rec and competitive programs.

Kelly is proud of the fact that her teams are so involved in community services events – including local celebrations, Heritage Days, Halloween’s Trunk or Treat, and church activities.  Kelly has run a successful program that includes consistent growth in numbers and skills, returning coaches, and strong parent relationships. She focuses on the program having a family feel.

As Director of such a great program, Kelly is proud of everyone’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.  Not only are the fall programs very strong and impressive, the competitive program continues to bring home First Place trophies, National Championships, have been ranked first in the US in 2011, 2015, and 2021.

In Kelly’s years as Director, she has helped well over 40 cheerleaders reach All American status!  This number continues to grow each year as she has helped to instill a level of perfection in their craft.

Kelly would like to thank everyone involved with the MVAA cheer program for sharing the same vision- dedication to growing this program and nurturing young athletes.


Emily Delauter

Emily Delauter is the Assistant Director to the MVAA Cheer program and has been coaching since 2005.  She is the Varsity Cheerleading head coach and coaches the MVAA’s competitive U18 team, Phoenix. During competition season, Emily also oversees and assists with other competitive teams in the program.

Emily participated in the MVAA as a cheerleader and a soccer player. In 1993, at 9 years old, she was named as the youngest All American Cheerleader, a title she still holds.  For this honor she cheered at the Hula Bowl in Hawaii.  In 8th grade she was part of the Friendship Tour; a Frederick County All Star Team that performed in Disney World.  Emily went on to cheer and play soccer in high school. She cheered for two years at Frostburg State University.

Emily has an extensive knowledge of cheerleading and a high level of dedication to the MVAA.  Her creativity of stunting and cheerleading has allowed her team to perform at a collegiate level, year after year.  Emily has helped bring home several 1st Place Trophies, Grand Championships, National Rankings, and 3 US FINALS First Place National Championships!

Emily is the Director of Public Relations for the Middletown Valley Athletic Association and the Director of Communications for the Middletown High School Sports Club. She spends an immense amount of time throughout the year, working with athletes. She teaches tumbling, stunt clinics, fitness classes, and hosts private lessons, all to ensure MVAA cheerleaders are getting the tools they need to reach their goals.

Emily is thankful to work with people who are so passionate about cheerleading! It is inspiring to see a program grow by leaps and bound year after year.  The MVAA cheerleaders, coaches, and parents all work together to consistently reach new levels of excellence.


Meagan Lear-Hoffmaster

Meagan Lear-Hoffmaster is a competition coach for  MVAA Cheer.  She began her coaching career as a high school coach with MVAA for several years, then after college she coached the JV team at MHS for two years and in 2017 she began coaching with igKNIGHTed.

Meagan is a Middletown native and her passion for cheerleading began in the second grade when she started with the MVAA program and continued to cheer for Football and Basketball until graduating from MHS in 2006.  In 6th grade, Meagan joined Middletown's recreation competition team, Middletown Cheer Club where she competed at the rec level for two seasons and at the age of 13, she made Frederick County's All-Star competition team, the Galaxy All-Stars where she competed at the All-Star level for five more seasons.  Meagan attended Shepherd University where she cheered at the collegiate level for another two years.  

Meagan has received several titles throughout her career including;  All-American Cheerleader twice from the Universal Cheerleading Association, and National Spirit Leader from the National Cheerleaders Association.

Cheerleading will always be one of Meagan's greatest passions, and she loves educating and instructing young cheerleaders.  Every year she looks forward to watching these young athletes grow and become stronger, more talented, and passionate about the sport.  Meagan coaches igKNIGHTed and shared in their 2021 US FINALS Championship!


Kristy Lumley

Kristy Lumley was excited to join the MVAA coaching staff in 2017. Together, she and sister Kari Wolf, coached the mini pony team for 2 seasons. In the winter of 2017, Kristy stepped into the head coaching role of MVAA U10’s competition cheer team, igKNIGHTed. In the fall of 2018, Kristy moved again, into the position of Pony head coach.

Since her first season with igKNIGHTed, Kristy has grown as a coach and her passion for cheerleading has come alive again. Kristy started cheering in early middle school for the MVAA football program and continued to cheer in high school at MHS.

Kristy has done an outstanding job of balancing hard work and fun for any team she is working with. She knows the MVAA cheerleading program has a strong reputation and she is committed to making sure her teams are meeting their goals.

She gives many hours outside of the season to ensure her athletes are growing and staying fit. She enjoys coaching both recreation and competition cheer because she can create strong relationships with the girls. She loves watching them grow as athletes and teaches character counts along the way.

Kristy hopes to continue to grow as a coach and be a mentor to everyone she coaches.  Kristy is proud to be one of the coaches of igKNIGHTed and loved that the she and the athletes were able to share their first US FINALS Championship togther in 2021!


Kari Wolfe

Kari Wolfe starting coaching in the MVAA in 2017 and has spent most of her time as MVAA’s Mini Pony Coach.  Kari and her assistant coaches provide an age appropriate friendly environment. Kari has a unique way of mixing fun and work which helps to add up to a successful season.

As a 2009 graduate of Middletown High School, she began cheering in 2001 and cheered throughout Middle and High School. Kari has also served as an Assistant Coach for MVAA’s U10 competition team.

Kari enjoys the outdoors, animals, and farming with her family.

Kari's goals are to perfect motions and cheers while building stunt knowledge. Kari understands mini pony is the first true stepping stone to MVAA Cheerleading and knows how important it is to have athletes enjoy the sport and want to return for the next season. She works to instill a love and passion for Cheer in all new and returning cheerleaders.


Amy Triesler

Amy Triesler first joined the MVAA Cheer family in 2017 as a parent, when her oldest daughter became of member of MVAA's Senior team, Phoenix.  In 2019, she became a coach for MVAA and was able to bring together athletes from Frederick County (mostly Middletown and Oakdale) to create team Inferno.  Amy has coached fall cheerleading for Oakdale since 2014.  In 2015, Amy helped the Oakdale program make the transition from sideline only cheering to now competiting.  In a short five years, her teams were able to bring home multiple wins and 2 Grand Championships.

Amy grew up cheering for LOUYAA and cheered at Linganore High School, where she was named All American all four years.  She helped lead her team to many wins and championships which allowed them to compete in Disney World 3 years in a row.  

Amy has two daughters and both compete for Middletown.  She enjoys being able to spend the extra time with them and happy they share her same passion.  Amy is very creative and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cheerleading.  She holds her teams to a high standard of excellence.  Because of this, Inferno was able to come together and win at their first two competitions.  Amy looks forward to spending many more years with MVAA Cheerleading and sharing her love for the sport with athletes all over Frederick County.

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